How long does it take to drive after a bottle of beer?

First note:

because each person’s physique, the body’s metabolism of alcohol is different, so this time is uncertain.

In a hot summer day, eating a lot of stalls and then having a cool beer is probably the nicest thing to do. But at the same time a new question arises: how long will it take us to drive after we finish drinking beer? In fact, if we think about this question a little bit, it is not difficult to find that this time is different from person to person.

How long does it take to drive after a bottle of beer?

The amount of alcohol per person is the size.

I believe that when you usually have a drink with friends will have a lot of experience, some people do not get drunk, while some people are one cup on the pour, this is what we call everyone on the different amount of alcohol.

Those who are not drunk may drink a bottle of beer three to four hours after the metabolism of the blood metabolism of alcohol metabolism, the basic driving will have no impact. But, like that kind of one cup of people, maybe three or four hours or just wake up, you say, this can still drive?

The penalty for drunk driving is very strict.

Of course, even if you have a good amount of alcohol, do not take a fluke to drink driving. According to the drunk driving standard, as long as the driver’s blood alcohol content exceeds 20 milligrams per 100 ml, then it is a drunk driving.

If you drink a bottle of beer or a 12-degree red wine or a half-two50 degree white wine, you can meet the driving standards.

In other words, if you have to drive, you have to be clean. It’s a matter of principle.

How to judge when you can drive after drinking?

We usually have feelings, and basically when we’re drunk, we wake up almost as soon as we’re drunk. But it’s just our intuitive feeling. For ordinary people, after a bottle of beer, to metabolize the whole body of alcohol, generally speaking, also takes 8 to 10 hours, that is, we sleep time. Of course, if you drink more, then the time is relatively long.

Of course, another way is to stand on one leg and the other foot is more than 15 centimeters above the ground, if you can’t guarantee that your body won’t move left or right for 30 seconds, or if you don’t hold it for 30 seconds, put your foot down. Which means you’ve lost your ability to drive safely. However, even if you do it also means you are not drunk driving, after all, whether drunk driving is based on data.

Drinking and driving is a very selfish act. It is not only irresponsible for your own life, but also disrespectful to other people’s lives. So, it’s important to remember that drinking is not driving, driving is not drinking.


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